Soy Soft Serve Second to Samosas

The trip to Green restaurant in Tempe was definitely worth the trip.  It has all the “mashed-together” charm you’d expect of a small resaurant with affordable prices too.

I was proud to take a chance on the crispy tofu but I have to say I’m not sold.  On the surface it was incredibly apetizing but once I managed to bite through the tough exterior, the interior consistency was similar to cottage cheese.  No thanks.  I’m not giving up on tofu though, (since I’m still not sure exactly how to cook it yet… can you even eat it raw??)  am determined to find an amazing tofu recipe.

The “No-Harm Chicken Parm” was delicious however, in the attempt to go vegan, I think I will be just cutting out cheese altogether because vegan (imitation) mozzarella adds little flavor or texture to the dish.

Definately check out the soy soft serve ice cream though, it definately lives up to the hype and is dairy free!

The surprising winner of last week’s meal was definitely the samosas. Triangles of pastry filled with mildly spiced potatoes and peas.  Inexpensive and absolutely delicious.

Try out this awesome stir fry recipe!  I used mostly vegetables with tofu sparingly.

~ by britt21 on September 4, 2008.

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