Udupi Cafe

In a word… wow. Seriously, this is probably the best vegetarian Indian restaurant I have ever been to. The staff were really helpful in explaining some of the items on the menu and advising which were spicy opposed to mild.

I took a friend along for the ride (so I could order a lot of food and blame it on her apetite…) and we ordered:

the house specialty curry: I cannot tolerate anything really spicy and this was delicious.  The vegetables were perfectly crisp which was unsuspected since they’re simmered in the sauce. The sauce was smooth, with rich flavors and minimal aftertaste. The rice was a little tougher than I would have liked but I’m not the biggest fan of longer-grain rice.

-Masala Dosai: this was a thin crepe made from rice, folded over in half and stuffed with potatoes and onions.  This portion of the meal was huge and easily served two, if not more people.  The outside was crispy and the flavors of the potatoes and onions blended really well.

Each meal is served with a variety of chutnies and yoghurt sauces to compliment the spices in each meal.

We finished up the meal with rice pudding, which may not seem very adventurous, but it’s made with vermicilli and garnished with almonds and raisins. It was the perfect way to end the meal.

The only bad thing I have to say about Udupi is that it’s closed on Tuesdays and I seem to always want Indian on a Tuesday.

Contact them at 480 994 8787; Located on Scottsdale Road, just south of McKellips.

~ by britt21 on September 11, 2008.

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  1. Hi Britt

    Very good review.

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