At the Supermarket: Fake Bacon

Even after having been vegetarian for a few years, sometimes I still get cravings for meals that I used to enjoy, like a delicious BLT sandwich, and after I found Morningstar Bacon Strips I no longer crave… I just enjoy.

Why I love it:

  • It has flexibility in cooking; you can microwave, fry or bake it and it looks like real bacon!
  • It tastes less salty than real bacon, and doesn’t have that gross, fatty consistency
  • You can cook it to be soft or extra crunchy just like real bacon
  • It works well in strips for a BLT sandwitch, or crumble it in a baked potatoe
  • It has less fat than real bacon and doesn’t stink up the kitchen
  • It is 100% vegetarian!
  • It is cheap! A box with 18 slices is only about $3

Head over to Morningstar for some great recipies using these bacon strips! 

Tastes delicious on pizza, in potatoes, next to waffles, and even in quiche!

~ by britt21 on November 17, 2008.

One Response to “At the Supermarket: Fake Bacon”

  1. Honestly, I’d rather not eat fake, than the real alternative – fake bacon is like shoe leather and nasty..

    Though I am a vegetarian, I mostly go for non-faux-meats.. I see their purpose in the world, providing an alternative for those such as yourself, but for me a nice pasta linguini with olives and pesto is a much nicer alternative.

    TTAP 🙂

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