At the Supermarket: Boca ground beef

At last there is a way to still enjoy tacos and sloppy joes without losing the consistency and flavors of the traditional way, but I’m still not sold.

The product: Boca ground burger.

I fryed up a pan of this meatless burger to make tacos, using just the traditional “taco seasoning” packets found in supermarkets, however I’m not sold.  The motto “less is more” does not apply here.  When frying the ground boca, it reduces to pretty much nothing, so plan to use more than you would with traditional ground beef.  I added a good amount of water when adding the spices and the boca tended to tick to the bottom of the pan. Perhaps oil would be a remedy to this?

Why I like it:

  • It provides a cool alternative to all veggie tacos and fajitas
  • Is a good flavor base to build upon with spices.
  • The consistency is comparable to traditional ground beef

Why I don’t:

  • You have to add seasoning of some sort, or else the flavor is a bit bland
  • It cooks down considerably; more is just about right in this case
  • Sticks to the pan; a lot.

I’m not opposed to trying other recipies with the boca ground burger and Boca has some great recipies to try, although I’m not convinced the meatloaf recipie will be successful. The product doesn’t appear to have the consistency to be bound together as a loaf.


~ by britt21 on November 18, 2008.

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