Not just plain old Broccoli!

Who knew broccoli had so much more potential than just being on a vegetable platter or steamed to death? Here are three great recipes, that are easy to prepare are taste delicious.

  1. Top of the Stove Ziti
  • Takes about 20 minutes to prepare, and is cooked in all one pan. Less time to prepare and clean up; more time to enjoy!

    2.  Broccoli Salad from the Southern food menu

  • The mixture of mayonaise and vinegar makes a creamy and tangy dressing for the salad. The recipe includes crumbled bacon, so for the vegetarian option you can remove the bacon completely or substitute with fake bacon strips.
  • Also, another option is substituting the half cup of raisins with cranberries for a sweet twist.

3.  Vegan Cream of Broccoli Soup

  • The recipe is completely vegan, but you can easily substitute soy milk for regular if you want, or even add some grated cheddar cheese. This is a very flavorful soup, especially with the dash of soy sauce in it. You can also control the consistancy of the soup by how long you blend the ingredients.

~ by britt21 on December 3, 2008.

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