At the Supermarket: Fake Bacon

•November 17, 2008 • 1 Comment

Even after having been vegetarian for a few years, sometimes I still get cravings for meals that I used to enjoy, like a delicious BLT sandwich, and after I found Morningstar Bacon Strips I no longer crave… I just enjoy.

Why I love it:

  • It has flexibility in cooking; you can microwave, fry or bake it and it looks like real bacon!
  • It tastes less salty than real bacon, and doesn’t have that gross, fatty consistency
  • You can cook it to be soft or extra crunchy just like real bacon
  • It works well in strips for a BLT sandwitch, or crumble it in a baked potatoe
  • It has less fat than real bacon and doesn’t stink up the kitchen
  • It is 100% vegetarian!
  • It is cheap! A box with 18 slices is only about $3

Head over to Morningstar for some great recipies using these bacon strips! 

Tastes delicious on pizza, in potatoes, next to waffles, and even in quiche!


Vegetarian House

•September 18, 2008 • Leave a Comment

I am going to check out The Supreme Master Ching Hai, vegetarian house on Indian School Rd. in Phoenix.

Just from checking out their menu I am really stoked. They have different Chinese curries and traditional soups, all made without meat or egg products, and all of the dishes look amazing. The price range is reasonable too, with soups at around 3.50 and most dinners from $7-$9.

They are closed Sunday and Monday. Call 602-264-3480  for their hours.

On a side note, September 26 is national hug a vegetarian day!

Udupi Cafe

•September 11, 2008 • 1 Comment

In a word… wow. Seriously, this is probably the best vegetarian Indian restaurant I have ever been to. The staff were really helpful in explaining some of the items on the menu and advising which were spicy opposed to mild.

I took a friend along for the ride (so I could order a lot of food and blame it on her apetite…) and we ordered:

the house specialty curry: I cannot tolerate anything really spicy and this was delicious.  The vegetables were perfectly crisp which was unsuspected since they’re simmered in the sauce. The sauce was smooth, with rich flavors and minimal aftertaste. The rice was a little tougher than I would have liked but I’m not the biggest fan of longer-grain rice.

-Masala Dosai: this was a thin crepe made from rice, folded over in half and stuffed with potatoes and onions.  This portion of the meal was huge and easily served two, if not more people.  The outside was crispy and the flavors of the potatoes and onions blended really well.

Each meal is served with a variety of chutnies and yoghurt sauces to compliment the spices in each meal.

We finished up the meal with rice pudding, which may not seem very adventurous, but it’s made with vermicilli and garnished with almonds and raisins. It was the perfect way to end the meal.

The only bad thing I have to say about Udupi is that it’s closed on Tuesdays and I seem to always want Indian on a Tuesday.

Contact them at 480 994 8787; Located on Scottsdale Road, just south of McKellips.

Soy Soft Serve Second to Samosas

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The trip to Green restaurant in Tempe was definitely worth the trip.  It has all the “mashed-together” charm you’d expect of a small resaurant with affordable prices too.

I was proud to take a chance on the crispy tofu but I have to say I’m not sold.  On the surface it was incredibly apetizing but once I managed to bite through the tough exterior, the interior consistency was similar to cottage cheese.  No thanks.  I’m not giving up on tofu though, (since I’m still not sure exactly how to cook it yet… can you even eat it raw??)  am determined to find an amazing tofu recipe.

The “No-Harm Chicken Parm” was delicious however, in the attempt to go vegan, I think I will be just cutting out cheese altogether because vegan (imitation) mozzarella adds little flavor or texture to the dish.

Definately check out the soy soft serve ice cream though, it definately lives up to the hype and is dairy free!

The surprising winner of last week’s meal was definitely the samosas. Triangles of pastry filled with mildly spiced potatoes and peas.  Inexpensive and absolutely delicious.

Try out this awesome stir fry recipe!  I used mostly vegetables with tofu sparingly.

Green in Tempe

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The happiest Chickens aren’t on the value menu and don’t live in a bucket!

This blog is dedicated to finding the best vegetarian supermarket options, recipes and restaurants that the Phoenix, Arizona area has to offer.

I will be cooking and dining at all the restaurants in an attempt to jump from vegetarian to vegan.

The first restaurant is Green, on Scottsdale Road, north of McKellips in Tempe.  Their menu is completely vegetarian with tons of vegan options with dishes such as the “no-harm chicken parm” sandwich and their famous soy soft-serve ice cream.

Download a copy of their menu!